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Brent Teichman is an attorney engaged in the private practice of law in Odessa, Missouri.  He lives in Odessa with his wife, Molly, and 3 children: Jackson (9), Emma (7), and Lillianne (4).  Brent is a 2001 graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law.  He is also a contributor at RedState.com.

4 Comments on “About the Author”

  1. Terry C Says:


    I just read, and reread your “Open Letter to…Obama.”
    Thank you…so succinct and profound, that it is difficult for me to comprehend why so many Americans do not understand the gravity of what you wrote.

    Is it that Americans have become so desperate to beleive that evil does not exist?…are we punch drunk from gettng financially pummeled by what a friend has termed “Banksters.”

    During WWI and WWII, evil was clearly visable…as it has been in many past wars.

    When I was 16, I had never heard of Vietnam…and at 18 I was training to go there…and at 21, was chasticed for being a combat Veteran…evil was not so visable then, so that title was given to us. The Korean Vets likely felt similarly.

    But at least during the Vietnam WAR, the American people stood up for the fact that we were wrongly in a war that was concocted for financial gains of the international elite. Americans protested.

    Today, evil is very visable again, and again we have “Rules of Engagement” that prevent winning…almost identical to those applied in Indochina…and so we are back in the midst of profit driven concocted war…but Americans don’t protest?? Why don’t Americans stand up??

    Its nice that Soldiers are seen more as hero’s now…its nice that they get acknowledged at sports events…but they are still getting killed and hurt every day…no end in sight.

    And Mr. Obama drifts around insulting all Soldiers today and in the history of our nation…apologizing to the world for the fact that thousands of Americans made the ultimate sacrifice. Lives given for freedom and the endless fight against evil. Further many surviving Soldiers still suffer today for what they gave…and do not complain.

    So here we are in the middle of a war that IS truly about evil(picture falling buildings)…as clearly as it was in WWII…and Americans, for some reason are not allowed to protest and are not allowed to win…and seem to not want to do anyway.

    All of that while we simply also accept the obsurd mishandling of the financial crisis. I do not understand…have we become a spineless people?

    Why are we so enthralled by a smooth talking, enexpereinced man who rode into the whitehouse on George Bushes misdoings, trendy Hollywood hoopla and clearly paid off greedy media chumps’ word smithing?

    You obviosuly “get it” sir. And yet, you cannot seem to reach the mainstream.. and are placed in the “radical comspriracy theory sector” along with Mssrs. Beck and Hannity. Why is that?

    How can your messages, Glenn Becks’s messages reach the people as TRUTH rather than radical blathering?

    When will Americans stand up again and insist on winning the war and getting our Soldiers home…the war is winnable as it was in Vietnam?

    When will Americans insist on proper management of our financial recovery and stop the resulting hemorrhaging of both that and the purposely protracted war in the middle east?

    When will Americans disalow the invason of illegal alians that cost us mllions ot tax dollars daily?

    When will Americans realize that we represent “Good” and again become the world example and not the goat or paper tiger?

    When will Americans insist that our President acknowledge that the UnitEd States is the biggest Christian country in the world…and not proclaim us as Muslim.

    When will Americans insist that our president not appologize for our vast and noble accomplishmemnts?

    When will Americans stop being manipulated into shame and do the right thing… stand up again?

    • Brent Teichman Says:

      And thank you, sir – for your kind words and, most importantly, for your previous service. I’m not sure what it’s going to take for Americans to once again “get it” and wake up from this slumber. But, like Jefferson, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

      All we can do, sir, is continue to fight the fight – keep lighting those “brushfires of freedom” in the minds of men and women. Eventually, the raging inferno will once again burn. Thank you again.

  2. Chris Jenkins Says:


    You will not remember me, however we graduated HS together in that small Missouri town. A close friend of mine who you often meet in court, turned me on to your blog and I am amazed and extremely proud of your comments and posts concerning the future state of our beloved United States.

    I served this great nation of ours like generations of my family before me. In those 8 years, my eyes were opened to the freedoms we truly have and the sacrifices that were made and continue to be made to protect our very way of life.

    Today, I am deeply saddened that those freedoms are at jeapordy, because mainstream media and the sitting president feels it necessary to “change” our country to a socialist nation.

    Her saving grace remains because of the efforts like yours and the patriots who have sacrificed everthing to insure that no matter what cost we remian a fruitful and free country of Americans.

    Thank you again and I look forward to your next post.

  3. Melody Says:

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