Announcing…The 1st Annual #TCOT Twitterati March Madness Bracket Challenge

I love March.  I love the Madness.  It’s like Christmas for an entire month.  And just like Christmas, the ‘Madness’ is best shared with friends and family…

So, this year, I’ve decided to start a new tradition — it’s called the #TCOT Twitterati Bracket Challenge and I’m sharing it with all of you — my fellow right wing extremists…a group I lovingly refer to as “The Twitterati.”  And the best part? It’s FREE!  Free is good, right? 

And did I mention that you can win prizes?  Cool prizes!  Not crap that you won’t need or use.  We’re talking HD Flip Cam, Chipotle gift cards (this is to get @keder to play), and an awesome bragging rights trophy.  So c’mon along and join in the fun!  It’s easy to sign up; easy to make your picks; and then you can just sit back and enjoy the games (and maybe talk a little smack along the way…).

To enter, just go here -> #TCOT Twitterati Bracket Challenge

PASSWORD:  tigerblood

See you on teh twitters…


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