The Intoxication Proclamation

OK…I’ll admit it – I like to have “a few too many” from time to time.  It’s relaxing, it feels good and, given the current economic state of affairs, God knows we all need to “knock the edge off” now and then.  In fact, I’ve read the studies.  I’m sure you’ve seen them, too: “Alcohol Consumption Promotes Long-Term Health” (forget the rest of that article where it talks about “moderation” and “restraint” – Moderation and restraint!?  Who needs that?). And since I am well aware of the circles in which I travel, I am guessing that most of the readers of this particular entry can appreciate, and concur in, the wisdom and logic of Benjamin Franklin:  “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Thus, while I certainly do not begrudge anyone from occasionally cutting loose with the liquid remedy of his/her choosing, I am here to tell you that we the people are presently facing a far more dangerous form of intoxication in this nation, and it comes to us directly from the degenerate thieves who preside over us in the nation’s capitol.  Yes, my friends, our elected representatives and appointed officials in Washington, D.C. have tapped into the most alluring and addictive of all elixirs known to mankind – the unlimited and unchecked power over the purse strings.  The French refer to it as “carte blanche” (that means “blank check” for those of you in the blue states).  Conservatives call it “deficit spending;” and Liberals (who recently came to the realization that most Americans are not in favor of unlimited government spending) now keenly describe this out-of-control behavior as “investments in our future.”  Whatever label or term you wish to place on this potent concoction, it is becoming more apparent by the day that our President and his posse in Congress are absolutely smashed on it.


Consider this – Barack Obama just unveiled his first annual budget as President of the United States.  By the most conservative of estimates, Obama’s first budget calls for just north of $4.4 trillion dollars in federal expenditures over the next year.  Hold on…let me write that out for you in its proper form…that’s $4,400,000,000,000.00.  Obama’s initial budget will add $1.75 trillion to our federal deficit in 2009 and another $1.17 trillion to the deficit in 2010.  That’s nearly $3 TRILLION of debt over the next 21 months!!!  That is absolutely astounding, people!  Do you realize that Obama, in his first budget, doubles the national debt that was accumulated from the presidency of George Washington to that of George W. Bush?  Think about that for a moment…these people are spending not only our money, but that of our great-grandchildren, at an unprecedented rate.  Sen. John McCain (with whom I have disagreed on much over the years) has fittingly described this unparalleled spending frenzy in terms which everyone can understand.  He calls it “generational theft.”  Well stated, Senator.  That is precisely what these goons are doing…they are stealing wealth (that has yet to be created) from us, our children, our grandchildren, and the rest of our yet-to-be-born descendants, and for what?  To bail out failed companies who made horrible business and lending decisions and, more importantly, to redistribute wealth to a bunch of people who don’t even pay taxes but who do v-o-t-e (presumably for their drunken benefactors in the coming elections).  This is the vicious cycle of dependency I wrote about in my previous postings (if you haven’t read them yet, please do so; but at least wait until you read the next paragraph – you need to comprehend this).


So how much is $4.4 trillion (excuse me – $4,400,000,000,000.00)?  It is impossible to wrap our minds around this amount of cash.  To help illustrate, let us turn to our friends at  Trust me…before you read any further, you have to check this out.  The following link will lead you to the best explanation of $1 trillion that I have yet to see.  It will literally take you 30 to 45 seconds to read this…go ahead…I’ll wait for you…just make sure you come back:



Those were Benjamins, my friends (not singles)!  Did you also notice that those pallets were double stacked???  And that’s only ONE trillion dollars.  To fully understand the amount that Obama wants to add to our national debt with the adoption of his first budget, take that warehouse of cash times THREE.  And to comprehend our current amount of national debt, you would need ELEVEN of those warehouses.  Again, this is only Obama’s first budget.  Imagine where we will be after three more of these damn things!


Are we all beginning to appreciate how completely screwed our kids are?


Look, I bring this to your attention not to depress you, but to help illustrate and enlighten.  We all know that, with the exception of Fox News, you will not see many stories about this insane state of financial intoxication which has spread through the corridors of Congress and right up Pennsylvania Avenue and into the Oval Office.  And please do not mistake this article for a “hit-piece” on Democrats.  The fact is members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans alike, are guilty of imbibing the toxins that got us into this mess.  Luckily, after being taken behind the woodshed in the last election, most of the remaining Republicans in Congress appear to be waking up from this drunken spending binge and have begun to shake off the cobwebs – for now.  But now is not the time to sit back and trust that these Republicans will lead the way to fiscal responsibility.  We tried that once before (anyone remember the “revolution” of 1994?).  Keep applying the pressure…make your voice known…we have to make these people understand that we have them surrounded and that we will hold them accountable for what they do – are you listening, Senator Bond?????  This unprecedented spending spree is unsustainable.  We all know that…now we just have to convince these groggy, drunken wastrels of that fact!


You know, there is one simple antidote for this debilitating disease…term limits anyone?



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2 Comments on “The Intoxication Proclamation”

  1. Kayla Says:

    I just heard a caller on C-Span say “when our children are born, they are pledged to the payment of US debt”. How heartbreaking is that? People, this is simply immoral and unacceptable.

  2. Dawn Says:

    (Okay so this is really a comment to your redstate post, but the comment form over there is effed up.

    I put the subject line as “this sentence is painful to write” and the comment followed
    I agree with you.

    (fans self)

    I really, and I mean REALLY appreciate that you took a historic stance on this. You looked at the past to compare it with the now. You wrote this entire post with very little finger pointing or snarking at the pres.

    I’m really proud of you for this one BT.

    Will you write about real things Americans can do to get back to the basics? Look at your own world and change something and write about it?

    Write more like this and I might just become one of your biggest fans.


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